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What is unique about the Craft wall series is its high-gloss and deep glaze. Compositions of alkaline earth, fluxing agents and metal oxides combined with clay forms, firing temperature and open flames generate distinctively radiant and intensive colorations and surfaces. Seven contemporary colours – ranging from white through shades of grey and olive, golden yellow to amber and blue-green – ensure freedom of design and a unique look. This freedom is extended in the form of contrasting colours, jade green, beryllium red, benit blue and hematite black. The same applies to the ribbon formats with 3-D effect: with coving, wave profile or as large dual-tipped tiles.

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Agrob Buchtal Craft Weiss Profile 6,2x25 Art.-Nr.: 9026-2150

2.26 € / piece(s) *
Delivery weight: 11.7 kg

Agrob Buchtal Craft Mittelgrau Base tile 25x6,2 Art.-Nr.: 9022-2160

2.26 € / piece(s) *
Delivery weight: 11.52 kg
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